Homophobia : Bing Chrome Extension #Love Wins Rewrites Homophobic Slurs

Homophobia : Bing Chrome Extension #Love Wins Rewrites Homophobic Slurs

A letter with the advent of the Internet, many things are now a click away: we can read the news and do shopping online, even find online jobs, writing someone? Not a problem, simply email them, need not make a visit towards the postoffice. To locate a night out together or even for buddy or an acquaintance? We are able to locate them on dating and social sites that are networking delete meet24 account Adam4Adam and Twitter correspondingly.

Certainly, the online world has revolutionized our approach to life, but protected by anonymity faceless Web abusers additionally surfaced along side it. They could harass, stalk, embarrass, and bully you online; spout hate speech; hurl homophobic slurs.

But Connector has stepped as much as the dish and it has taken the very first actions to assisting curb cyberbullying and homophobia online along with their brand brand brand new expansion for Bing Chrome called #LoveWins.

How can #LoveWins work, you may well ask? With positive words and highlight it with Pride colors if you install this add-on in Google Chrome, the next time you searched for information on the Internet and pejorative words like faggot and dyke pop up, #LoveWins will replace it.

Take a good look at Connector’s movie about #LoveWins below. Leer más